Virtual Data Rooms for Secure & Paperless Execution

Paperwork and physical documents have long been a thing of the past, this way of working are now inefficient, time-consuming, and insecure. Businesses that don’t use progressive technology solutions in their operations risk being left behind in a competitive marketplace. Virtual data rooms are a unique and feature-rich solution whose capabilities eliminate the need for physical documents, security, and increased productivity. data room providers offer a variety of solutions for every occasion, but if you need a truly secure solution, check out their reviews in this article.

Citrix ShareFile VDR

Citrix has been on the market for quite a long time, so that it can offer various services and reliable security. Thus, the provider’s main goal is to provide a flexible solution for hybrid work, the benefits of which could be used by companies of any size. The provider supports all operating systems and can be accessed simply from a web browser. The application is integrated with Citrix Files and Citrix Workspace to automatically transfer and update documents from PC to VDR and access from any device. The provider also receives a DVD with a copy of all stored data.

Speaking of security, Citrix meets the top seven certifications of security standards. It offers bank-level security encryption and two-factor authentication. The provider uses digital watermarks to further protect against data leakage. The HMAC system uses hash-based authentication codes to maintain file integrity. Customers can also use the single sign-on feature, password policy, and more.

iDeals VDR

IDeals has been a leading data room for a long time. Providers offer clients a secure space where they can discuss important aspects of a transaction and conduct expedited due diligence and other complex business transactions. While the provider is in high demand among large companies, it can also be useful to small and medium-sized businesses across various industries. Like all quality VDR software, iDeals is supported on all operating systems and devices. Special attention should be paid to the single sign-on feature, with which the administrator sets up a single authentication to switch users from one project to another easily. Use only one – but secure password to log in.

iDeals guarantees a high level of data security thanks to such features:

    • 256-bit encryption during file storage and transfer
    • Detailed file protection – administrator assigns different access levels to users depending on their responsibilities
    • Dynamic watermarks – allows seeing the data of users who performed some actions with the document
    • 24/7 backup – your data always remains intact
    • Remote destruction -remove data from your VDRs from a third-party device remotely
    • Double Authentication -requires double verification of user identity when logging in with a one-time code

CapLinked VDR

CapLinked provides convenient and efficient tools for secure sharing of sensitive data and productive collaboration. The provider offers encrypted chats and document sharing capabilities, as well as automatic notifications of all updates to the space. Data Room also provides activity tracking features, so administrators can keep up-to-date by simply looking at an automated report. The best web browser to use CapLinked is Google Chrome, and a mobile app is available to android users.

CapLinked uses features such as:

    • 256-bit encryption, the most advanced encryption method for securely storing and sharing sensitive data
    • Multi-level firewalls – the developer has created segmented firewalls for data transmission, which increases security
    • DRM – allows revoking access to the document at any moment